Organized Horseshoe Pitching?     You Bet!

Twenty-two clubs located here in Northern California, hold weekly tournaments from February through December. It's a family sport that lasts a lifetime. The finest group of 'real people' that you'll ever meet.

Drop us a line and we'll be happy to tell you when there is a tournament near you. Heck, come out and watch, and you might even want to pitch! Don't know how to pitch? FREE lessons are always available! Don't live in California? We can help you find a place to pitch no matter where you are!

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1 Half Moon Bay 5337 + Bonus 740 = 6077 Terry Farrell, Bill Terry, Larry Pacheco and John Carver
2 Gold Country 5282 + Bonus 620 = 5902 Jhon Barney, Tim Thomas, Andy Loobey (had to take over for Phillip Moore), and Dave Barbe
3 Ukiah 5200 + Bonus 500 = 5700 Gil Tournour, Will Facey, James Taylor, and Brett Lewis
4 Fortuna 5213+ Bonus 340 = 5553 Tom Webb, Sharon Paddock, Bill Paddock, Blair Rowley
5 Sonoma County 5030 + Bonus 360 = 5390 Travis Sluys, Hayden Lee, Ken Woolery, Sue Lichau
6 Vallejo 5058 + Bonus 250 = 5308 Kimmy Stockli, Pat Murtha, Joe Summers, Duane McGrath
7 Half Moon Bay 5023 + Bonus 280 = 5303 Foa Remillong, Pat McGowan, Jim Sample, Glen O'Brien
8 Shasta/Willows 4997 + Bonus 140 = 5137 Elaine Butcher, Daryl Adams, Fritz Oberst, David Hoelscher

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